Position Details
Reference Number 33467
Position Title 2020 Chief Resident Medical Officer (CRMO)
Internal Only This position is open to employees of Royal Childrens Hospital only
Employment Type Fixed Term
Location 50 Flemington Road
Position Summary

Role Purpose

The main purpose of this role is to support and represent junior medical staff (JMS). 

A large part of this is done by providing pastoral care to junior medical staff, maintaining regular communication and being the main representative for JMS on particular internal and external committees and meetings.  The role also takes part in education and teaching activities, involvement in specialty medicine morning handover, workforce issues and is involved in organising the FRACP clinical exam, and orientation for incoming junior doctors.


This position is a flexibly rostered half time post (43 hrs per fortnight). It is essential that candidates are able to work on Thursday mornings, with other hours by arrangement. 


Key Accountabilites

Pastoral Care:

  • Programs include the mentor system, the facilitation of critical incident debriefing, and pastoral care / junior medical staff support seminars. You will have access to the “Employers Assistance Program” to refer Junior Medical Staff for further counselling as needed. Provision of support for international medical graduates will be together with the IMG lead.
  • On occasions, this role may include assisting in resolving conflicts involving junior staff.

Communication and Liaison:

  • Regular email communication with junior medical staff by the CRMO is vital. The CRMO (or delegate) will represent junior doctors when liaising with nursing staff, senior medical staff, medical administration, executive, external bodies and others. They or their nominee(s) will attend a variety of regular meetings and committees to improve the engagement of JMS with hospital structure and management. Committees may include FRACP Victorian State Committees, JMSC, MSA, Patient Safety, Ethics, Pathology, Library, Discharge Planning, Drug Usage, and others as appropriate.


  • The CRMO undertakes the role of organising registrars for the annual FRACP exam day. Some administrative support is available.


  • The CRMO takes part in education and teaching activities. These may include teaching sessions for new registrars, procedural skills sessions, and JRMO lectures. In this role you will liaise with DPPEs, MEO, and Director of Medical Education.


  • The CRMO will be responsible for recruiting, rostering and coordinating the Specialty Medicine Morning Handover Fellows and personally leading SMMH one morning per week. The CRMO will coordinate feedback to the specialty night staff.


  • The CRMO will assist in arranging orientation for junior doctors new to the hospital. This is annual and also throughout the year for departmentally based doctors, such as anaesthetics. The CRMO will be actively involved in measures to foster team spirit and improve morale amongst JMS, working with the RMO’s Society.

Workforce Issues:

  • Where problems arise, the CRMO will work with the MWU team and department heads to improve work practices.

Industrial Liaison:

  • The CRMO is involved with issues such as overtime, pay rates, leave entitlements, registrars’ obligatory training time, lobbying for the development of part-time and job-share posts, and liaison with the AMA.


  • Involvement in clinical risk management, rosters, and other issues as they arise. Other duties as directed consistent with the employee’s skill level and classification.


Qualifications & Experience


  • Paediatric Trainee; already successful in the FRACP exam.


  • Previously a member of RCH junior medical staff
  • Demonstrated interest in junior medical staff issues
  • Good understanding of the range of responsibilities of this position
  • Leadership skills.


Key Selection Criteria

  • Demonstrated interest in junior medical staff issues. Good understanding of the range of responsibilities of this position  
  • Leadership skills
  • High levels of efficiency and organisation skills.


Applications close:  Sunday 14 July 2019.

Contact Person Carmen Davis
Contact Number 93455548
Contact Email Carmen.Davis@rch.org.au
Alternate Contact Person Margot Nash
Alternate Contact Number 93454726
Alternate Contact Email margot.nash@rch.org.au
Closing Date 14/07/2019
Position Description PD_CRMO 2020.pdf